Temples of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society Aims To Raise Understanding And Awareness Of The Common Buddhist Heritage Of The Sri Lankan And Tibetan Peoples. The Society Has Been Formed To Promote Compassion And Non Violence Which Is The Essence Of The Buddhist Philosophy.

The Objectives of the Society are,

  • To raise understanding and awareness of the common Buddhist heritage of the Sri Lankan and Tibetan peoples through exchange programmes of Sri Lankan and Tibetan monks, nuns and lay students.
  • To translate works of eminent Buddhist masters and scholars from both languages.
  • To support the human rights of the Tibetan Sangha community in Tibet, particularly their right to practice and worship without fear or repression.
  • To promote non-violence and compassion as values for humanity throughout the world.
  • To organise, either independently or in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Sangha and other organisations, visits by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and and other senior Buddhist teachers to Sri Lanka for pilgrimage to holy Buddhist sites and to give Buddhist lectures and public talks on ethics and spirituality.

The Society, SLTBBS, was primarily located in Pitakotte, Sri Jayawardenepura. Now the office has been moved to Sri Saripuththaramaya Monastery, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society was founded on 24th May 2015 and has been duly registered as a Volunteer Services and Non Governmental Organisation in Sri Lanka. Reg No: L-165004

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