Temples of Sri Lanka

(1) Therwada Sarvasthiwada Abhidharma Dialogue

On 15th – 16th of June 2018 at Bhiksu University Sri Lanka

(2) The Dalai Lama and His Philosophy and Contribution to Global Peace


  • Photo exhibition
  • Talk
  • Film show

     Every weekend starting from January 2018

(3) International Conference on World Peace.

  •  SLTBBS co-hosts the event

           November 2018

(4) Buddhist Monk Exchange programme

       June 2018

(5) Book Launch (Sinahala Narration of “My Land My People”)

       September 2018

(6) Providing LED Light facility to needy Buddhist Temples.

(7) Hosel Rinpoche Meditation Retreat Project

(8) International Buddhist University In Tripura State Of India

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