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President of India Commends Pimpare’s Art


Every child has a dream to see his president of the country and I was no different, but the dream seems even bigger when you share the same with your father. But unfortunately the agony of life remains that he is acknowledged and praised for his sheer hardwork and dedication just a few months after he left at Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi.

Sharing an another moment of pride and prestige for the Heritage work by Mr. M.R. Pimpare; Honorable President of India Mr. Ramnath Kovind an accomplished politician and secular social reformer granted us eminent meeting of
45 mins long, gave us an opportunity to unveil the greatest feat of Mr. Pimpare’s work in reconstructing the 75ft longest and 2000 year oldest painting at Ajanta cave no.10.

His work of restoring Ajanta cave paintings over 5 decades was praised by the President and he emphasised upon future prospect for promoting Tourisum locally and internationally with its immense historical importance for generations,by placing it in Ajanta caves with audio guide through state government authorities support.
While I am taking this great work ahead the President encouraged and gave blessings on it.
Every occasion when the universe acclaims my father’s work is a tribute to our culture, art and tradition and I miss him much more, miss him every moment!

He shall be bestowing his blessing, showering praise!

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