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Five statues of Lord Buddha vandalised in Lumbini


It was reported on media that an unidentified group had vandalized five statues of Lord Buddha at Tilottama, Rupandehi district in Lumbini where Prince Siddhartha was born.

Those broken statues had been found scattered along the highway according to police. It was further reported that Police had launched a search operation to nab those involved in vandalizing the statues.

Tilottama municipality had placed five golden Buddha statues along the Butwal-Belahiya road section with the view of promoting tourism. Amid a function Environment Minister of Province 5, Lila Giri had unveiled those statues.

What is the reason behind these inhuman acts? Who are the people behind and what is their motive? It is the duty of the government of Nepal to find out the culprits and take necessary actions to stop these savage and provocative acts by extremist groups.

The Buddhist Brotherhood condemns this callous act and strongly requests the authorities to take immediate action to stop these kinds of cold-blooded activities in the birth place of the Buddha.

Featured Image: © Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images Representational picture- Rows of small red and golden painted Buddha statues

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