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june, 2018

15junallday16alldayAbhidhamma Conference 2018

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Organized by

Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood and Sri Lanka Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society in collaboration with Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka.

Theme: Abhidharma – Theravada and Sarvastivada

Date: 15th – 16th June 2018

Venue: Bhiksu University Sri Lanka

Number of Participants: 200 Participants including Scholars representing Sri Lanka and Foreign Countries

Objectives of Conference:

  • Identifying the similarities and dissimilarities between ‘Theravada and Sarvasthivada Abhidhamma’
  • Identifying the significance of the two traditions
  • Clarifying the identical features found in each tradition
  • Proposing the methods that can be used to propagate Buddhism with the light of two traditions.

Expected Outcomes of Conference:

  • Identifying the varieties of each Buddhist traditions.
  • Examining how far the Abhidhammaic Teachings can be applied to the mental development in bringing peace leads to reconciliation.
  • Identifying the methods for the propagation of Abhidhamma.
  • Developing the inter-relationship among Buddhist traditions.


Theravada and Sarvastivada are the two major Buddhist schools prevailed today that branched off from the main stream of early Buddhism. When the latest development of the two traditions is considered, Abhidhamma is only the factual teachings that can be authorized by them. Even though the two traditions authenticate the two separate Abhidhamma Pitaka, both the traditions have been developing it with reference to early Buddhism. When we read sharply the two canonical literature of Abhidhamma, we could find different interpretations and words that are not akin to the two traditions. Up to date, the scholars like McGovern, Stcherbatsky, and P.S. Jaini have paid their attention find the relationship between Theravada and Sarvastivada Abhidhamma. However, this is one of the duties of the Buddhist scholars living today to examine the relation between the two major Ābhidhammic traditions.

Therefore, Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood and Sri Lanka Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society in collaboration with Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka is going to organize a one day workshop as an initial step. The plenary session would be chaired by the great scholars like Most Ven. Kuala Lumpur Dhammajothi Thero representing the Sarvāstivāda tradition and Professor Y. Karunadasa representing Theravada tradition. During the workshop, the scholars in the field of Abhidhamma throughout the world will present their papers showing the relation between the two.

The purpose of the workshop to show and establish a relation between the two traditions so as to understanding Buddhism throughout the world proving that the two traditions branched off from the same tree drive to the same directions with different angles.

Registration fee (For Non Sri Lankans): 300 USD

(This includes airport pick up and drop plus three nights stay in hotel twin sharing on b/b basis, the meals on the conference dates and one day pilgrimage to Holy Tooth Relic Palace, Kandy)

Registration fee (For Sri Lankans): Rs. 5000/-

(This includes breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks on the conference dates.)

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june 15 (Friday) - 16 (Saturday)


Bhiksu University Sri Lanka

Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka, Puttalam Road, Anuradhapura.

Bhiksu University Sri LankaBhiksu University of Sri Lanka, Puttalam Road, Anuradhapura.

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