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English Immersion Camp for Young Monks at Biksu University Sri Lanka


One of the objectives of the Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood is to train the Buddhist Monks to teach Buddhist Philosophy in English Medium to the International Audiences.

The five day English Immersion Programme was organized in Bikshu University in Sri Lanka Anuradhapura for newly recruited Buddhist Monks under patronage of the Vice chancellor Ven. Prof. Kanatthegoda Saddharathana Thero and was coordinated by Senior Lecturer Ven. Madiyawe Piyarathana Thero. This Immersion Programme was a part of the Orientation Programme.

This programme was conducted under guidance of Dr. Damenda Porage, with especially trained resource persons for five consecutive days.  It was evident that almost all the participants communicated in English Language because, during the immersion programme, they got rid of their fear to use English in day today life. This Programme was highly commended by all the participating monks.

The chairman of Buddhist Brotherhood Dr. Damenda Porage, said that it was his prime duty to take the Buddhist Philosophy to the world by training and educating young Buddhist monks. He said he would seek support from the Government and Non Governmental Organizations to carry out this Programme all over the country.

Photo: Devnaka Porage

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